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Tesco Lotus is part of Tesco Group, which operates in 10 countries around the world. Tesco Lotus operates a network of more than 2,000 stores across Thailand as well as online shopping platforms, collectively serving more than 15 million customers every week.






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Tesco Lotus is committed to serving Thailand’s shoppers a little better every day by providing great quality products at affordable prices and fantastic shopping experiences through all of our channels. We also strive to provide little helps to local communities through a variety of initiatives including the direct sourcing programme, which provides fair and sustainable income for farmers, the food donation programme for schools nationwide, the surplus food donation programme to reduce food waste, and other forms of support provided for local communities.

At Tesco Lotus, our core purpose is “serving Thailand’s shoppers a little better every day” by providing great quality products and shopping experience at affordable prices. We strive to offer high-quality, safe, healthy, and sustainably sourced products at affordable prices to help our customers save on their costs of living.

Clubcard is our reward programme that offers privileges to more than 15 million members who can collect and redeem points whenever and wherever they shop at Tesco Lotus. Members can redeem their Clubcard points for cash vouchers, discount coupons, and a variety of benefits offered by our strategic partners.

We place great importance on creating product and service innovations that improve our customers’ shopping experiences. The Tesco Lotus mobile application serves as a central platform on which customers can carry out a variety of activities, from collecting and redeeming their stamps, to managing their Clubcard account. QR codes on fresh food products allow customers to trace the products’ source of origin as well as nutrition fact. Our social media channels allow Tesco Lotus to engage and interact with our customers on a daily basis. Our official Facebook account currently has more than 4.1 fans, while our official Line account has more than 32 million fans.

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Tesco Lotus is committed to helping our customers and colleagues lead a healthier lifestyle more easily by offering healthier options such as low-sugar carbonated soft drinks, trans-fat free bakery, and high-quality fresh fruits and vegetables to our customers at affordable prices every day.

Tesco Lotus offers both full-time and part-time employment opportunities to colleagues across all functions of our business. Our goal is to make Tesco Lotus a place to get on, where colleagues are encouraged to fulfil their life goals while working with us. With the flexibility at work, our colleagues can take advantage of our development programmes in order to continue to grow with us. We welcome and encourage colleagues’ participation, and we acknowledge and recognise the value and contributions our colleagues bring to our business.

We strive to make Tesco Lotus a “great place to work” and a “great place to shop” for our colleagues. We conduct our What Matters to You surveys on a quarterly basis, and colleagues’ feedback is used to help us make Tesco Lotus an even better place to work and shop for our colleagues. We support our colleagues to live a safe and healthier life by providing annual health check-ups for all colleagues. Our Green Flag programme provides discount coupons to colleagues to buy products at special prices.

Thanks to these efforts, we have been awarded the prestigious “Best Employers awards 2017” and “Best Employers awards 2018” from AON Hewitt (Thailand). Tesco Lotus has also received the Thailand Labour Management Excellence Award from the Ministry of Labour for more than 10 consecutive years.

Tesco Lotus has contributed to the growth of Thai economy in the past 2 decades by supporting Thai farmers through our direct sourcing programme. In 2017, Tesco Lotus purchased more than 200,000 tonnes of vegetables, fruits, and proteins directly from farmers across Thailand, bypassing middlemen and generating a fair and sustainable income for farmers. Tesco Lotus also works in collaboration with government agencies to uplift quality and safety standards and provide export opportunities for Thai products via the Tesco network across Europe and Asia.

Tesco Lotus also has many other initiatives to support SMEs and OTOP manufacturers by providing distribution channels as well as knowledge to help uplift manufacturing standards for Thai SMEs in order to grow sustainably.

The Tesco for Thais foundation, established in 2003, has donated more than 650 million baht to charitable causes and granted over 50,000 scholarships to underprivileged students.

Other programmes to promote the well-being of local communities include encouraging Thais to adopt a healthier lifestyle through aerobics exercise and healthy eating. In 2017, Tesco Lotus announced its commitment to lead in combating food waste in Thailand. The surplus food donation programme has provided more than 1,3000,000 meals for those in need. The school lunch programme invites customers to donate money to help provide quality food to underprivileged schools nationwide.

Doing good things for local communities is part of our corporate culture. Colleagues are encouraged to volunteer their time to engage in activities in their own communities whenever and wherever possible. Every colleague is granted a “Community Day” in which they dedicate their time to help those in need.

Thanks to our network of stores across Thailand and the volunteering spirit of our colleagues, Tesco Lotus has stood shoulder to shoulder with Thais in times of strife. During the flooding that swept through several parts of Thailand in 2011, Tesco Lotus colleagues worked around the clock to distribute products to our stores ensure local communities had access to food, water and other essential items. Our stores also became shelters for many whose homes were affected by the flood.