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Get cash coupons and special discounts along with many other prizes from Tesco.

Just tell us your number and the points are yours

Keep your card at home. Collect points easily by just telling us your phone number at check-out counters.

  1. This is restricted for Clubcard members whose numbers are registered in the system only. The numbers will be put in the database as written on registration forms and must be of 10 digits.
  2. Phone number service can be used to collect points from regular purchase only. If a Clubcard member wants to use Cash Coupons or Discount Coupons, a member must present either the Card, an ID card, or a driving license with the same name as registered on the coupons.
  3. One phone number can only be tied to one Clubcard number or one Clubcard account.
  4. If a member’s phone number is tied with more than one card, the number will automatically lose its ability to replace a real card at checkout counters.
  5. When a member’s number has already been changed via Clubcard Call Centre, (Dial 1712 and press 3) a new number will be usable as a card itself on the next day.

Privileges for Clubcard members only

Cash Coupon

Turn your points into coupons and use them as cash under every condition. The coupon is available for 1 year with no minimum purchase requirement.
It can be used at every branch of Tesco Lotus.

Discount Coupon

Make sure every baht doesn’t
go to waste when you shop at Tesco.

Discount Offers in Your Bills

Use this offer with cash coupons
to save more than everyone else.

Newspaper Coupons

Special discount,
valid for Clubcard members only.


An advantage preserved for Clubcard members only.
E-coupons are available via Tesco Lotus application.
Simply download and enjoy.

Win a Prize

The privilege to enter our lucky draw competition
to win special prizes for Clubcard members only.
No need to fill in tiresome competition coupons.

Collect points in a breeze from every purchase at Tesco Lotus

Every 2 baht = 1 point

For every 1,000 points
Get a 10 baht cash coupon

Every purchase counts
No minimum requirement

Get points instantly regardless of the purchase amount at every branch of Tesco Lotus and 356 Store nation-wide.

Ever-lasting points

Points that are not turned into cash coupons will remain in the system and will never expire.

Get the most from our
Cash and Discount Coupons

Cash coupons from Clubcard points can be used in place of money under every condition and will last for 1 year. Save more by using them with discount coupons. Available for Clubcard members only.

4 Ways to Collect Points

Standard and mini Clubcards

An answer to your every problem.

Mobile Phone

Amazingly convenient. Just tell our staffs your phone number.


Download Tesco Lotus application for both IOS and Android for Free!

Tesco Lotus Visa Credit Cards


All you need to know about Clubcard

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