Clubcard mobile application

Carry convenience everywhere with Clubcard mobile application

Redeem and transfer points instantly

We make it more convenient with “Redeem point” menu that lets you redeem Clubcard points instantly for cash vouchers* and many various special rewards from leading shops and services, transfer Clubcard points to AirAsia Big Points anytime by yourself and redeem points simply to win our “WOW” rewards, starting with only 10 Clubcard points.

All your needs can be managed in one app

*Cash voucher from Clubcard mobile app is valid for 1 day

Simply manage Clubcard account
by yourself

Make it easier with “My Clubcard” menu that is more than just a physical Clubcard as it enables you to collect and check points, redeem cash vouchers and special discount coupons from Clubcard points and also update personal details instantly in one menu.

Never miss a chance to use cash vouchers and get special
discount coupons

No longer worry about forgetting coupons at home. . . Clubcard mobile app takes the definition of convenience to another level as you can redeem cash vouchers and discount coupons instantly on devices. Your vouchers and coupons will be downloaded and saved on “My Wallet” menu and can be used instantly so you won’t miss any purchase.

Comprehensive privileges,
manage via Clubcard mobile app

Step 1

Download Tesco Lotus App mobile application via Google Play store or App store.

Step 2

Register and log in to Clubcard member account.

Watch a video on how to download and register every step here


What are the privileges of Clubcard mobile app?

Clubcard mobile app can help you manage your Clubcard account comprehensively such as checking, redeeming and transferring points. With the mobile app, whether using cash vouchers and discount coupons or updating your personal data will be easier and faster at your fingertips.

How can I use cash vouchers via Clubcard mobile app?

You can use cash vouchers via Clubcard mobile app. Simply download cash vouchers via the mobile app and present their barcode with Clubcard to the cashier when making a payment.

How do I update my personal details via Clubcard mobile app?

You can simply update your personal data by yourself, just click "My Clubcard“ menu and go to “My Personal Details". The data will be updated in the database instantly, no longer need to contact Clubcard call center.