Enjoy exclusive privileges and benefits with Clubcard

Special privilege for Clubcard members

Transfer Clubcard points to reward points of partners

Enhance member benefits and fulfill lifestyle needs by transferring Clubcard points to AirAsia BIG points and Esso Smiles points.

Special discount coupons

Make sure every baht doesn’t go to waste with special discount coupons for Clubcard members only. The members can enjoy various special discounts; product discount coupons sent directly to your home, discounts offered in your bills, newspaper coupons, SMS coupons and E-coupons from Clubcard and Tesco Lotus mobile applications.

Cash vouchers from Clubcard points

Cash vouchers from Clubcard points can be used as cash for shopping at every Tesco Lotus branch with no minimum purchase requirements.

Redeem points for special rewards

Clubcard mobile application lets the members redeem points instantly for special rewards from many various leading shops and services that we have exclusively selected for all your lifestyle needs; Shopping, Travel & Leisure, Dining and Entertainment with special “Wow Deal” - redeem less points and receive greater value rewards.

Join the most exclusive activities

Experience our special interesting activities held exclusively for Clubcard family such as Cooking class, Kids camp, Family trips and other selective activities throughout the year.

Enjoy the benefits
with Clubcard


How can my Clubcard earn points?

Simply present your Clubcard or inform your mobile phone number to the cashier before making a purchase, points will be earned automatically! Spending through Tesco Lotus Visa credit card can also earn points as well.

Are there any products which are ineligible for Clubcard points?

There are some products that do not earn Clubcard points, including Liquor, Tobacco, pharmacy, formula milk for baby and infant (formula 1 and 2), energy drink, MSG, Birdy ice coffee, bill payment and postage service as well as purchase from food court and Tesco Lotus tenant shops.

When can I receive cash vouchers?

Cash vouchers will be sent to your specified address within 45 days after Clubcard collection period ends. For example, if your Clubcard collection period is during 1 Mar - 30 July, you will receive cash vouchers and can use them via Clubcard app within 15 September.