What are the benefits of using a credit card with my Clubcard?

When you pay by credit card and use your Clubcard, you will receive the benefits of your credit card while earning points on your Clubcard (terms and conditions apply). For example, if customers pay by Tesco Visa credit card and Clubcard, they will earn points for both cards instantly. Also, they will receive cash coupons from Tesco Visa credit card, delivered to your home as scheduled.

What is the difference between a Clubcard and a credit card? Can I use them together when I pay?

Yes - both your Clubcard and a credit card can be used during payment. A Clubcard is point saving card, while your credit card is used to make payment. So don’t forget to use your Clubcard every time you make a payment by either cash or credit card at any branch of Tesco Lotus!

How can I use discount coupons?

Just hand your discount coupons to the cashier when making payment in order to get the discounts or privileges specified by each coupon.

How can I use cash coupons?

You can pay with cash coupons when making a payment at any branch of Tesco Lotus nationwide. However, cash coupons can only be used in conjunction with a Clubcard.

When can I receive cash coupons?

Cash coupons will be posted to your specified address within 30 days of your Clubcard point-earning period ending.

How can I check my points?

The points you have collected will be shown on every receipt after you make a purchase. The receipt shows the points you have earned from your current purchase, and accumulated points from the past.