Tesco Lotus announces its commitment to improving animal welfare standards

28 สิงหาคม 2562
Tesco Lotus announces its commitment to improving animal welfare standards as part of its sustainable sourcing policy
  • All pre-packed pork meat will come from cage-free sows by 2027
  • All eggs from cage-free hens by 2028

Tesco Lotus has become the first retailer in Thailand to commit to transitioning to 100% cage-free eggs by 2028. In addition, all pre-packed pork meat offered in Tesco Lotus stores will be sourced only from sows raised in group housing systems by 2027. The moves demonstrate Tesco Lotus’s commitment to improve animal welfare standards and are in line with Tesco Group’s sustainable sourcing policy.

Mr. Kris Comerford, Product Director, Tesco Lotus, said: “At Tesco Lotus, we strive to offer high quality, healthy, and sustainable products at affordable prices to our customers. To deliver this ambition we have set out a clear policy for sustainable sourcing which includes treating animals in our supply chain humanely at all life stages. Pork meat and eggs are key food items for customers in Thailand and we see opportunities to enhance sourcing standards of these products. We are committed to going above and beyond existing Thai laws and regulations concerning food safety and animal welfare to ensure that the products we offer our customers are sourced ethically and sustainably. By taking the lead, we hope to improve ethical sourcing standards including animal welfare practices in Thailand, so that customers will have access to sustainable products at affordable prices.”

“By 2028, every chicken egg we sell at Tesco Lotus will come from cage-free hens. Our transition to cage-free eggs has been underway since 2018, when we began working with our strategic supplier Saeng Thong Saha Farm to develop Tesco brand organic free-range eggs and cage-free barn eggs. In addition to fresh eggs, our ready-to-eat egg products such as soft boiled eggs and steamed eggs sold in our Tesco Lotus Express stores are also made from cage-free eggs. Working closely with our suppliers and industry experts, we have developed a roadmap to achieve our 100% cage-free eggs commitment by 2028. Our first key milestone is the plan to convert all packs of 10 eggs to come from cage-free hens by 2023. For pork meat, our commitment is to have all pre-packed pork meat come from sows raised in group housing systems by 2027.”

“Both initiatives require a high level of commitment from our suppliers to convert to cage-free farming systems.  Tesco Lotus will continue to work closely with our strategic supplier partners including Saeng Thong Saha Farm to provide the support they need during the transition. We also seek support from other stakeholders including government agencies and NGOs to raise animal welfare standards and promote consumer awareness in Thailand, in order to bring about an industry-wide commitment to sustainability,” concluded Mr. Comerford. 

Tesco businesses in the UK and Central Europe have made a commitment to 100% cage-free eggs by 2025. Tesco Lotus team in Thailand will learn from the UK and Central Europe practices and adjust farming techniques to suit local operating environment.

Group housing for sows is a regulatory requirement in the UK and Central Europe. With a different regulatory condition and complex chain of pork production, Tesco Lotus team will work hard with experts and suppliers to overcome the challenges in Thailand.
Notes to Editors:
  • Egg sales by modern trade operators including Tesco Lotus account for approximately 8% of the total market in the country (Sources: Nielsen March 2018-2019, Tesco Lotus sales data, Department of Livestock Development)
  • Tesco Lotus currently offers cage-free eggs (organic and barn) at 400 large stores in Thailand, while cage-free processed egg products are available at 550 Tesco Lotus Express stores with plans to expand the products to all Tesco Lotus Express stores in the near future.