Quality Products from Tesco Lotus

Enjoy Own Brand quality products from “Tesco Lotus”
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Variety of Fine Food

From the selection of raw ingredients by experts, to the preparation of fine dishes

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Freshness and quality directly from the farm to you

Freshness straight from farms to you at great prices, guaranteeing it is “really fresh”

Fresh from farm
to your hand

With innovative packaging and temperature controlled transportation, organic produce maintains its freshness right up to the point it reaches your plate.

Safe and reliable

Our selection systems choose only from highest standard sources that can guarantee the food at Tesco Lotus is 100% safe.

Prices you can trust

Every week, an audit is made of fresh produce prices for more than 1,000 items. You can trust that Tesco Lotus is the leader in competitive prices.

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A collection of products for pregnant mothers and young children to support healthy growth and development.

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