A club for people who love their children,
for the children they love

A collection of products for pregnant mothers caring for children,
supporting healthy growth and development every day,
setting your kids on the road towards a great future!

Knows what pregnant
mothers need.

How mothers-to-be should prepare themselves
during pregnancy and what to expect when their baby is coming – “Tesco Love Baby Club”
has everything pregnant mothers should know.

How to raise children effectively.

Everything parents should know about raising children is made available for reading; from development and nutritional guides to raising a good member of society.

Participate in sharing experiences of caring for your little ones.

Share experiences of raising your baby and ask experts and other parents questions about problems you may face through “Tesco Love Baby Club”.

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Care for your children with
premium products for children.

The same standards
as the UK.

All products are designed to meet standards from the UK, with adjustments made for sizes and conditions of South East Asia. This is why “Tesco Love Baby” stands out in terms of quality and comfortableness for both you and your baby.

Every item you need for your baby.

Whether it is disposable diapers, bathing products, or just general baby items for newborns to 4 years of age, “Tesco Love Baby” has premium products to meet very need.

Thorough checks so you can be confident of quality.

“Tesco Love Baby” products have gone through careful product development and testing before and after being made available to customers to ensure products that are truly gentle for babies.

A club for loving parents.
Tesco Love Baby.

Products for your baby “Tesco Love Baby”