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What is Click & Collect Service?

Click & Collect is a new service from Tesco Lotus Shop Online which will add more convenience to your shopping. In the case that you order your products online but there is nobody home receiving the delivery, you can, alternately, choose a preferred date and time for product collection at a store location of your choice.

Most important of all, there is no delivery charge.

4 Easy steps to shop with Click & Collect Service

Step 1: Register or sign in

For new customers, click ‘Register’ to create an account. For existing customers, choose ‘Sign in’ to login to your account.

Step 2: Shop for your products

Browse Tesco Lotus Shop Online websites then select products that you want to buy and click ‘Add’ to put the products in the basket. You can modify and/or cancel your order up to 23.00 hr., the night before your date of collection.

Step 3: Select the date and time to collect your products

Choose the Click & Collect option and select the available store locations you wish to collect your products. Then select the date and time you wish to collect your products. The available slots for Click and Collect are between 12:00 – 20:00.

Step 4: Collect your products

Pick up your products at the chosen location at the same collection time slot that you chose. Simply drive to the Click & Collect point of service (if available at the store) or contact the service staffs at customer services for the information about product collection.

Terms and Conditions for Collecting at Store : Receivers must have an age at least 20 years old. If you decide to pay at customer services, the credit card owners must be the person to collect items.


How much does it cost to collect my products in person?

It is totally free of charge! If you order your products from and select “Click & Collect” for delivery option. Please note that the price indicated on the website is only an estimation. The actual price you pay will be calculated on the delivery date that you select.

How are the products stored by Tesco Lotus Shop Online before the time of my collection?

We care about the freshness and quality of our products. Therefore, the products will be stored in a temperature-controlled environment to ensure quality and freshness of each item, as if you pick the product at the store yourself. More importantly, our staffs are well-trained, and the trained pickers will pick the products on the day of your collection, not in advance. No need to worry about your order of fresh, chilled or frozen items, since we have a temperature-controlled room that will store each product at its respective temperature.

Can I modify or cancel my Click & Collect order on the website?

You can modify or cancel your order up to 23.00 hr. the night before the collection date of your choice. Simply go to ‘My Orders’ and click ‘Cancel’ on the item that you wish to remove, or click ‘Modify’ on the transaction that you wish to modify. In case of emergency and you need to cancel your order after the indicated deadline, please call Customer Service at the number specified above and we will do our best to satisfy your need.

What happens if my ordered product is out of stock on the date of purchase?

If your selected product is out of stock, we will pick an alternative item for you. However, you may choose to accept or reject this substitutions at the time you collect. The product substitution will be shown at the top of your receipt. If you don’t want the substitute item, you can return it to staffs without any charges. In the case that our product picker cannot find a suitable alternative to the item you wish to order, the unavailable product will not be listed on the receipt or be charged. If you are not satisfied with the product substitution, you may choose to accept or reject it.

The price of the product substitution may be slightly different from the price of the product that you originally wish to order.

How do I select the time slot and store locations for product collection?

You can select any time slot between 12.00 – 20.00 hr. as your preferred time of collection. You can select the time slot for product collection up to 3 weeks in advance.

Where do I collect my products at the branches?

You can see available stores for the service here When you arrive at the store of your choice, simply look for the red circular ‘Click & Collect’ sign    or contact the service staffs at the store for product collection.

Requirements for the person responsible for product collection

A person collecting the products must be at least 20 years old. If you choose to pay for the products at the point of collection, credit card holder must be the same person who collecting the products.

What happens if I am late for my collection time slot?

If you know in advance that you will be late for product collection, please contact the Call Center at 1712 press 6 to inform the staff of your new preferred time of collection.

In case you arrived early than selected time slot, what should I do?

If you realise in advance that you will be late for collection, please contact Call center 1712 #6 then inform us the changing time.