1. Prices and Conditions on Prices and Free Gifts Promotion

The prices of goods given on the website are only approximate. At the time of delivery the price of goods will be the same as those at Tesco Lotus Hypermarket (the "Store") and may differ from the price quoted on the website. The Company reserves the right to change the price of goods you ordered to be the same as those at the Store on the delivery date which may be higher or lower than the price of goods on the date of your purchase order.

If the value of the goods delivered is higher than the value stated in the order confirmation, you have every right not to accept the goods. The amount for goods that have not been accepted shall not be deducted from your payment card if you have provided payment card details in advance in order to pay online. (Please find our return policy from

The Company reserves the right not to accept any discount coupon or discount card for payment of goods ordered via this Service unless expressly specified on the website from time to time. Any order made through this Service will not be eligible for any sales promotion (e.g. sticker, stamp or part collecting or redeeming), except for any sales promotion that offers a free gift that is of the same types and price as the goods you are ordering, for example, buy 1 get 1 free promotion or buy 2 get 1 free promotion. To be eligible to obtain the free gift, you have to include such free gift(s) in the same order you made through this Service e.g. to obtain a buy 1 get 1 free you must put 2 in your basket online, and the Company will charge you the price of one piece of the ordered goods only.

When requesting goods by weight the Company reserves the right to supply goods with a weight difference. However, the Company shall make every effort to ensure that the difference is as small as possible and is as close as possible to the weight you requested.

If, in the case of goods, the price of which is determined according to the weight per unit and the nature of which allows it, you request a number of items instead of by weight, the Company shall supply the requested number of items. The price shall then be determined according to the weight of the requested number of items of such goods.

All prices quoted include VAT.

The cost of the Service is not included in the price of the goods. The cost of the Service depends on the requested delivery time. Information about the cost of the Service shall be available to you as soon as individual requests are entered on the website. The cost of Service will be calculated based on the number of orders you made, except in the case that you have cancelled such an order within the time specified in these Terms and Conditions or on the website.

2. Availability of Goods
The availability of the goods presented on depends on the Company's stock and the Company does not guarantee the availability of goods. In order to ensure that goods are available to as great a number of customers as possible, the Company has the right to set maximum limits in advance for the purchase of individual items by a single customer. However, this provision does not affect the Company's right, in the case of an individual request for a large quantity of one type of item, to not supply these goods or to restrict the number of items requested to a reasonable amount. The Company shall determine what constitutes a large quantity at its own discretion, taking into consideration the price of the goods, type, warehouse stock, transport options, etc. You will be notified in advance if the Company cannot deliver goods above the limit or if it restricts them.

If goods that you have requested are unavailable for reasons which the Company cannot influence, on delivery the Company will offer alternative goods which in their character and price are as close as possible to your request. On delivery these substitute products will be separated from the other goods you requested and you shall be entitled to refuse to accept them fully or in part. The amount for goods that are not accepted shall not be deducted from your payment card if you have provided credit card details in advance in order to pay online.

3. Conclusion of a Purchase Contract

The prices of goods given on the website are only approximate. The Company will offer you a fixed price of goods in the receipt/sale and purchase document upon the time the goods so ordered are delivered to you at the place of delivery you have given to the Company. A contract between you and the Company is only concluded once you agree to accept the goods and the fixed price so offered by the Company. The availability of the goods depends on the Company's stock and the Company does not guarantee the availability of goods displayed on the website.

The Service provided via is a service intended solely for individuals and households. In no way is it intended for the purchase of goods for business purposes. For this reason the Company reserves the right to refuse a customer's request if all the indications are that it is not a request for a household or an individual.

All requests and the subsequent purchase of goods via the Service are also governed by the Terms and Conditions. The phrases used in the Online Purchase Conditions and defined in the Terms and Conditions have the same meaning.

4. Submission, Change or Cancellation of a Request by the Customer

You can place your request using the application on A request can be changed using the web application or the customer phone line. A cancellation or change of request shall only be accepted by the Company if you submit it by 11 p.m. on the day before the goods are to be delivered.

Goods can be delivered on any day of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays, from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. The Company is entitled to adjust the available delivery slots at any time as the Company sees appropriate. The change to the available delivery slots will be displayed on the website.

5. Delivery and Receipt

When requesting goods on you shall give your delivery address. The goods shall be delivered to the main entrance of the building given by you as the delivery address in your request.

Via you may request delivery to a certain floor or flat. In such a case the Company's driver delivering the request shall make every effort that can be reasonably expected to deliver to the place requested but at the same time the following requirements must be met: (a) the driver has your permission to enter, (b) there is no obstacle preventing entrance, for example a locked main door, and (c) at the destination the driver, with regard to all the circumstances, does not find your request to be unreasonable or a danger to his health.

The Company shall try to deliver at the requested time but does not bear any responsibility for deliveries not made on time if this is caused by facts which, taking into consideration all the facts, the Company could not influence without expending unreasonable costs.

Only a person at the age of at least 18 has the right to receive goods at the place of delivery. If the driver has doubts over the age of the person receiving the goods, he is entitled to ask such person to show an identity card to prove his/her age. If the person is shown not to be 18 or over and no other person can receive the goods, the Company shall not hand over the goods.

If there is nobody qualified to receive the goods at the agreed time and place specified by you, the driver shall leave notification that he has tried to deliver and information that you must contact the customer phone line in order for a redelivery to be made.

A failed delivery shall not affect the Company's right to demand and exact the price for providing the Service and/or terminate your purchase order. If you request redelivery you are aware that the Company is entitled to again charge the price for providing the Service at the rate given at

6. Payment

You may use the following credit/debit cards to pay for the goods: Visa, Visa electron, Master Card. The Company does not accept any discount coupon, discount card, coupon from newspapers, gift card, cash card or any kind of discount card, unless expressly specified on the website from time to time.

In order to reduce the risk of unauthorised access to your payment card details these details will be encoded. If you intend to pay online, payment card authorisation (giving the card details) must be done when the request is submitted at

Full payment card authorisation will not be carried out until the day the goods are delivered and your bank will be sent a request for the full amount corresponding to the price of the goods that you have received to be released.

7. Return of Non-perishable Goods

You are entitled to return goods within 7 days of receiving them. In this regard, you will be required to fill in an exchange/return request form and return the goods at a Customer Service Centre specified in the relevant tax invoice/receipt of such goods.

The goods returned must be in the same conditions as when you received them, except any perishable or disposable goods. In case of disposable goods, you shall return the remaining part prior to your exercise of the right to terminate the contract.

If the goods are damaged or lost due to your responsibility, or it is beyond your control to return the goods due to your own fault, except for damages incurred in an ordinary course of opening, assembling or mixing for the use of the goods, the Company shall be entitled to claim for damages from you as permitted under the law.

You will be refunded a full amount of the purchase price of the goods returned within 15 days from the day the Company receives your completed exchanged/returned request form. You also take note that the relevant number of points shall be deducted from your Clubcard.

The provisions of this Article shall not affect the provisions of the Terms and Conditions and the Online Purchase Conditions that regulate non-acceptance of goods due to a different price or the delivery of substitute goods for unavailable goods. Similarly, this Article shall not affect any rights or obligations that you have according to general legislation or the Terms and Conditions and the Online Purchase Conditions regarding the exercising of the customer's liability rights for defective goods (complaints of defective goods).

8. Complaints
The Company recommends that you do not accept goods that are damaged. If the goods are shown to be defective after they have been received you shall have the right to make a claim for defective goods at a branch of Tesco Lotus Hypermarket specified in the relevant tax invoice/receipt. To avoid any doubts, Tesco Express and Tesco supermarkets are not hypermarkets. Unless it is stated otherwise in the Terms and Conditions and the Online Purchase Conditions the provisions of the complaint rules shall be used for a complaint.

9. Other Provisions

The Terms and Conditions and these Online Purchase Conditions regulate the conditions of the Service and at the time a purchase contract is concluded with the customer shall become an integral part of the purchase contract and shall be governed by Thai law.

In the event of a discrepancy between the Thai and English versions of the Online Purchase Conditions or the contents of the Thai version shall prevail.

If a certain provision of the Online Purchase Conditions is found by the appropriate court to be invalid, the invalidity of this provision shall not affect the other provisions of the Online Purchase Conditions which shall remain valid and in force.

10. Customer Support Contact Details

Customer phone line:

These Online Purchase Conditions come into force on 1st November 2012.